Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The snowy south island

                            The snowy south Island

In the holiday, my family and I went to the south island to played. We flew to the Queenstown and then caught a bus to our hotel. My family wanted to ski and play in the snow.

When we finished playing in the snow, we went to the bus again, then we caught a bus about four or five hours, I felt very bored. At first I felt very excited,but when we went to catch the bus, I felt very bored.I saw some rabbits and some other animals which crossed the road,I saw some penguins at a wildlife park,they are very cute. Then I saw some snow, and I wanted to know what snow tasted like, so I ate some snow it was cold, and it tasted like cold water.

I took a boat too, it was fun ,and it went very fast and there are many people on the bout. In the south island we didn’t have a lot of water so we always very thirsty.I
were saw a lot of sheep and cows too.

Every day I bad to wake up at about six o'clock,so every day I was very tired.

I very enjoy this trip, because I saw a lot of interesting animals, like penguins,and did some interesting things like learning to ski and play in the snow.It was my first time to play in the snow,so I was very happy.

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